Happy Earth Day! – Let’s Make Some Changes


So yes, I am terrible and I’ve not actually managed to publish a blog post on Earth Day at a reasonable hour (I did on the Facebook Page) but in my defense I was caught up in the whirlwind of drafted posts waiting to be published and a little distraction with an order mishap.

Anyway, I had planned to post about 7 easy things you can do to go a bit greener and show our planet some love. In this day and age we should be more aware of the impacts from our ‘throwaway mentality’, but sadly that’s just not the case. Many are ignorant to the facts and some choose to do the ‘well, it’s just too much effort’ or ‘one person can’t make a difference’ when presented with eco friendly alternatives. We are ALL capable of making small changes for a positive impact. These are somethings I do, so I wanted to share them.

1 – Cloth Pads. Not as gross as you’re imagining. No need to man handle soiled pads. Just pop them in a wetbag and at the end of your cycle put them in the washing machine with something like towels/sheets, or cloth nappies/diapers if you use them. Not only will they save you a load of money in the long run, they’re better for your body and the planet. Disposable pads fill landfill sites and also get washed out to sea when people put them down the loo (Argh, don’t do that!). Cloth pads are a greener and more sustainable alternative to disposables.

2 – Going TP Free. Yes, toilet paper free. Even if you just use cloth family wipes for a wee, it’ll still reduce the amount of loo roll you flush. I’ve bought some bamboo wipes from Cheeky Wipes UK and a clip box from Sainsburys for ยฃ3. So far my first day is going very well and I’m not getting dried out down there by paper loo roll. (there will be a proper blog post about this soon)

3 – Cloth Nappies. So squishy and cute! The outlay can be a little expensive but the savings are great with using cloth. They’re also much better for your baby’s skin. No nasty chemicals against their sensitive little bottoms. Just a whole load of fluffy goodness.

4 – Cloth Baby Wipes. We’ve used these from day 1. No need to worry about harsh chemicals (have you seen the stuff disposable wipes can remove from things like furniture – eeeep, strips marks off walls!) or running out of wipes. They don’t even need to be dry before re-using and if you’re using cloth pads/nappies/tp free, this will be very easy to integrate into your current routine.

5 – Reusable Bags. So many plastic bags end up blowing out and landing into the oceans. They’re just awful for the wildlife and wash up on beaches. People just use once and throw away. What a waste. We bought reusable bags from the supermarket we shop in – means we get ‘green points’ on our clubcard for future discounts and that we’re never caught short with a back ripping, spilling our shopping all over the floor.

6 – Grow your own, and reduce your carbon footprint. By that I mean things like fruit and veg. Some are really simple to grown and can even be kept on a windowsill. You’ll find your food tastes alot better, and you’ll save money, petrol (if you drive to the supermarket) and packaging from buying things you can grow. Plus it’s so satisfying. I have a few herbs in my front garden that have done well and my Parsley plant has exploded, flourishing really well.

7 – Water bottles. Buy a reusable one. Maybe something like Klean Kanteen (I love my bottle!). It’s made from stainless steel so free from nasties and will last like, forever. It’s saved me from keep buying bottled water when out and throwing/recycling the bottle. Plus they come in awesome colours and different sizes so you’d be able to find something that’ll work for you.

This is just a small list of things I do and suggestions that perhaps you could implement into your lifestyle.

Do you have anything you’d like to share that you do to be a little greener? Comment and let me know!


6 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day! – Let’s Make Some Changes

  1. With our cats we only buy tin food so that it’s recyclable the pouches are not so not only takes up more space in the bin but not green either!


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