Earth Day 2015


Every year, millions of women throw out disposable towels and tampons, that end up at landfill or at sea, washing up on our beaches. But not only that, these items are filled with toxic chemicals that are bad for our health (See Ditch The Disposables tab at the top for extra info).

So today I am challenging you to make a pledge, and Ditch The Disposables. Remember, there is no ‘away’ and we only have one planet.

I’ve been lucky to have 3 fantastic ladies step forward to offer up some prizes for a giveaway, and offer discount for today only. Great, huh? These ladies are: Femmecup, Earthwise Girls, Boobalou and Ecodreams. If you don’t already, go give them a little like on Facebook ❤

Femmecup – £5 cashback for all orders

Boobalou – Use code RNW for 10% off.

Ecodreams – Free shipping over £30

Earthwise Girls – Use code EARTH for 10% off

ETA – Seems a few more of my wonderful friends are doing discounts, and whilst not exclusive to my readers, I want to share!

Babi Pur – Code EARTH for 10% off

Honour Your Flow – Code GREEN for 10% off

Earth Conscious – Code earthday for 20% off orders over £20

Mama Kloth – Code EARTHDAY for 15% off orders over $20

County Cloth Creations – Earthday2015 for 15% off.

Earth Day Giveaway:

As mentioned above, I have teamed up with Femmecup, Boobalou, Earthwise Girls and Eco Dreams to bring you an Earth Day Giveaway.

The giveaway prizes are as follows: Meluna Cup, Homestead Emporium 9.5″ Ultimate Regular Flow Pad, Pack of Eco Femme liners in purple & a Femmecup.

Follow the link below to enter via Gleam. Remember, the more entries, the more points. As always, please hit the subscribe button.

Earth Day Giveaway

Please note, this is a UK only giveaway. But don’t panic, there are plenty of Earth Day giveaways going on all over the world.

Good Luck!

Earth Conscious Deodorant – Review


I’ve been lucky enough to try this deodorant from Earth Conscious after Elly, one of the ladies behind the brand, contacted me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing the product. Up until now, I’ve only used a crystal deodorant, so I was very excited to try something new.

Firstly, let me just say that delivery was super fast, which is always a positive. There’s nothing worse than slow delivery from an online shop.

The deodorant I was sent is the Lavender, which is lightly scented with Lavender Oil. It’s quite pleasant. Very subtle and definitely not overpowering so that you smell like you’ve fallen in a bath of essential oil (you know what I mean, right?!)

It comes in a little metal tin, which I love since it could be reused it for something else so there’s no waste, and nothing to end up at landfill. Continue reading

Recovery Break


Hey there, lovely people.

It just occurred to me that I’ve updated my Facebook account, but not my blog.

Surgery went well, no complications. Unfortunately I developed acute pancreatitis and have been rather ill. Constantly vomiting bile meant I had an NG tube fitted with a bile bag, but they ended up manually aspirating my stomach because I was still vomiting past the tube. Anti-emetics didn’t help either. Prior to the tube, I had a choking incident where contents of my stomach (a piece of food, oddly, despite having not eaten) got lodged in my throat. Very scary experience and once that I hope to never experience again.

Early days to be able to say whether things will improve, but I’m still recovering from acute pancreatitis, which can take months.

But for now, blog related things are on hold for a week or two whilst I recover. Apologies to those waiting on PR to go up.

Much love

Tamsin xox

Surgery. Again.

Hey lovelies. 🙂

How are you all? Good, I hope!

Tuesday is a big day for me.

I have surgery. Again.

Starting to feeling like it’s never-ending. I’m going in to have a permanent stent put into the opening from the pancreas, into the duodenum, holding the sphincter permanently open (Sphincter of Oddi)

Here’s a diagram I pinched off the web. Where is says ‘hepatopancreatic ampulla and sphincter’ is where the metal stent is going. Ignore the Gallbladder. I don’t have one. Nor does my pancreas look like that. Mine is just a deformed blob. Anyway…

Pancreas diagram

The last stent was up in my CBD (common bile duct) to straighten it out, since it’s twisted, and to hold the sphincter open. Unfortunately that left me in agony with a lot of ductal spasms, which were not nice at all. So it was removed in November. This one is purely to hold the Sphincter of Oddi open, to allow free flow drainage from my liver and pancreas.

Hopefully it’s successful! Goodness knows my liver and pancreas need it to work.

Wish me luck ❤

I’m In Juno Magazine!


I’m finally a published writer! This is a dream come true for me, and a huge success for cloth pads to be featured in such a popular publication.

Juno Magazine is available to buy in most shops, but you can also buy online, directly from Juno.

Please don’t ask me to post the entire article, because I can’t. You’ll have to buy the magazine to read my two page spread. It’s worth while since there are some special discounts in there for cloth pad retailers. Win win!

Thanks for all of your support. It means the world to me.

Wonderoos Print Giveaway

I’m too good to you all 😉 as promised, a brand new Kites & Rainbows Wonderoos V3 is up for grabs.


Entering is super simple. Firstly, please sign up to my blog, so you don’t miss anything. Signup is there >>>

Secondly, just enter through the link below. The more you do, the more entry points you get, which means a better chance at winning. Twitter uses can Tweet daily for entry points. Remember, sharing is caring ❤

Open to UK residents only.

Click the link below to enter! I’ve added various platforms for entry. You can do them all or just the first two. But remember, the more you do, the bigger your chance to WIN!

Wonderoos V3 Giveaway

^^ CLICK^^

Good Luck! ❤

Wonderoos V3 Prints

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the new prints approx 2 weeks prior to their launch, and have had what feels like the longest wait ever before I could reveal my photos.


When Christine from Wonderoos first told me about the prints, I could hardly contain my excitement. I’ve always loved Wonderoos and have found them to be the only BTP (Birth to Potty) nappy that actually fits larger babies. I wrote up a review in 2013, when small boy was just 27lbs, and now at 37lbs, Wonderoos STILL fit him with room spare. Now that is impressive. So hearing about prints in my favourite BTP pocket nappy left me a tad giddy.

Now, these aren’t just any prints. Oh no. The new prints from Wonderoos are UNISEX. So there’s none of the ‘oh, too girly/boyish for my child’. Rainbows, Kites, Dinos, farm animals and camping themes… there really is something for everyone. Or if you’re like me, you want them all!

Here’s the rainbow and kite print on my 37lb small boy who is 2 years and 4 months old (if we’re being specific)


Cute butt alert!! You can see the soft leg elastics:



No leg gaping when sitting. Just a perfect fit:


Totally in love with the prints, and they’re only £14.50

Which print is your favourite?


As far as I am aware, these aren’t going to be a limited run or print, but a regular print for Wonderoos. So no silly flipping or price hiking, huzzah.

You can buy directly from these retailers:

Plush Pants

Babi Pur


Fill Your Pants